Ricco's Coffee Break

One thing that made me fall in love with Copenhagen is the inexhaustible supply of cool cafés! Seriously, just walk around a corner and you find a nice place! It astonishes me that so many different places are all going strong! But I guess the Copenhageners love them some coffee! But then again who doesn't? The last place I stumbled upon is Ricco's on Sværtegade in the city centre. Tad and I stopped there for a shopping break- and since his head was sore from banging it in a door. He actually got a bump from it :(. Ricco's is a cool place- it is a chain of coffee shops all over Copenhagen, so you are always close to a Ricco's- but even though it is a chain, each place is unique! Not like Starbucks haha ( not that I don't like Starbucks). I always get a latte- my favourite coffee. I love latte art! I think I should put " learning latte art" on my bucket-list! I find it is so cool that you can "draw" with milk. Some of the latte art creations are insane! I remember the first time I saw my friend doing this and I thought it was from another world! 

Tonight I am going to listen to some Jazz with my friends Ida and Rick. There is a concert at Huset KBH and I am so excited! When I lived in the Czech Republic we would go to concerts every week- and not like big fancy concerts, but small unknown bands. I think that is probably since most of my friends are musicians and all played in bands so there was always someone I knew playing. But I have to say, now that I stopped drinking going out clubbing just isn't doing it for me- so I feel like I have to get back to my roots and start going to concerts and music events haha. I actually really miss it! Well, have a nice day everyone!!