A place to work and relax

Happy Saturday everyone! I can't believe how beautiful the weather is today. I just love it when the air is a bit crisp but it is still sunny. I honestly can not wait for winter- days like this during the winter season are my favourite. Especially if there is snow, then I am the happiest ever. I love sitting at home under a blanket, reading a book or watching a movie with the snow outside falling. Haha I might be getting a bit ahead of myself and the time of the year- I mean it is only September! But I did find a nice cafe really close to school in Frederiskberg called Godthåb & Kaffe. It is so cozy and the ladies working there are so sweet! Ludi and I got coffee there last week so we could catch up after not seeing each other for... probably a year! I love exploring new coffee spots in Copenhagen, so I suppose I am very lucky I live in a place where there are hundreds of cool spots to find! This place gives out a really relaxing vibe! I can see myself sitting there and studying ( and the snow falling)- which I will probably start doing because I can never focus on school at home. Anyone who hasn't been there should deffinitely go! 

Today I got up quite early considering it is the weekend. I think I was up around 8am- and I woke up by myself! How did that happen haha. So I have the whole day ahead of me. I want to go for a walk and maybe read a book. And in the evening some of my friends and I are going to play board games at Bastard Cafe in the city centre- we were there a few nights ago and it is so cool.  I have been looking for a place where it is possible to sit with more people and talk at the table- not like what you have at bars or clubs( it is impossible to hear what the other person is saying in places like that) and since I dont drink, going out to clubs isn't as fun as it once used to be! So I am happy I found a place, which allows those who want to to drink and those who don't can have a cup of tea , while enjoying a nice conversation- and playing some board games! Have a lovely weekend everyone!