How to do good at Uni

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been posting much- but all I have been doing is sitting and reading- so not really anything fun happening. But it gave me an idea of a post- about how to survive uni. A few weeks ago I started my master degree at CBS. At this point I have been at school for 16 years! And now there are two more to go. I suppose that by now you would think, that with 16 years of practice, going to school and staying on top of everything AND being motivated would come easily right? Well, Hell no! It really doesn't. That is not at all how it is! The more school work I have the less motivated I am to do anything! Nonetheless, with two years left- ONLY two years left- I decided I would make the best of it and try to learn as much as possible. I actually really really like my master degree and the teachers are amazing, so going to class is ok, it is the reading texts for class that is hard. I mean I have anywhere between 70-150 pages to read for each class, and those are not easy read texts, like it takes time to realise what you are reading and even more time to understand what the author is saying.

So this year I decided I will prioritise school a lot and I will push through the last two years with 100% focus, because they really are the last two haha! How will I do this?

1. I am canceling NETFLIX

And my HBO nordic account. Yep, this is really the only way to go- I know myself and I can spend HOURS and hours watching a new series, and not do ANY school. So I am cancelling everything. As for Netflix- I am getting Tad to change the account password, because he uses it as well (we have a account for 4 people so my brother and dad are on there as well). This means that I will not have easy access to TV.

And it is funny, because I remembered when I was younger my friends and I would spend a lot of time outside, studying and playing, but never watching TV- the only time you could watch something was on the weekends, and you would only watch 1 movie! Or if you wanted to watch a series you had to be by the TV on Thursday at 16:45 because that is when it was streaming- I miss that! Back then watching TV was a social thing!

So my plan now is to spend my time by reading for school, or watching Ted talks instead of movies, reading books and magazines, but of course once in a while there will be a movie night. But I just don't want my life to keep revolving around my computer and series.

2. I will spend more time at the school library

I am so fortunate to be going to CBS, not only are the classes great, but it is a very student friendly school. We have access to a beautiful library at the main campus, where you can either book a study seat, or find a couch or arm-chair to sit on. And if you choose to do that, there are probably 500 others studying around you so you get the whole "I need to do something" mood and just push through studying a lot better than at home where you have so many distractions. In the past two days in total I was at the library for 11 hours- and studying the whole time! Furthermore each campus has their own study rooms, so there is always a place to sit!

3. I will focus when I read

As I mentioned above, I have a lot to read for class, most of it academic journals with a lot of new information. Lately I found a new way to get the most out of reading- I take really detailed notes on everything and try to write them down in my own words, so that I am sure I understand what I am reading. It is a bit more time consuming, normally a 70 page text would take me 2 hours to get through and just highlight, but now I am doing about 10pages/ hour, but I remember what I read. So before exams I can just go through my notes and not have to read everything again!

As you can see- I am planing on changing a lot of stuff! And why am I doing it? I need to learn how to work effectively and I need to learn how to self-motivate and control. It is always easier not to do what you don't feel like doing- even though you have to. And trust me, I was a pro at post-poning everything! But not any more! It might be a lot of work, but it will only make me feel better. I guess being a student, it really is a full-time job!

Oh but just a side note, this in no way means that I will stop doing fun stuff, I will still do all the stuff as always, just instead of watching series and movies, I will educate myself! Wish me luck haha!