Life Through My Phone

Hola!! So Happy it is friday! I guess it doesn't really mean that much for me now, because i have so much stuff to do so weekends don't really apply to me much haha. But it is a nice feeling! Today I had class and then I spent some time at the library reading- now I am home and doing laundry. A few people are coming tonight so I guess we will watch a movie or something! It has been a pretty intense week- but very eventful! I spent a lot of time at the library and school, but I also got to sit outside in the sun and read, had coffee( I can't survive without coffee, so even if I am crazy busy I always make time for that), walked around Copenhagen, got some delicious food at Bento- a Japanese restaurant right under our apartment, also I started eating chia pudding and fruit - I go to torvehallerne to find exotic things like dragon fruit and passion fruit! Love it! Also the time of pomegranate is coming. I would normally sit and watch a movie and peel like 4 or 5 pomegranates , it is a form of therapy for me haha. Oh yeah and I have been going to bastard cafe lately- they have the best damn fries in the world! So yeah, even though life is busy, it is still pretty awesome! Have a lovely weekend everyone ❀️