Learn How to type fast!!

Hey guys- so I am sure everyone has that one thing they wished to learn to do but never really got to it? Well that for me is typing- proper fast typing. I mean everyone knows how to type on way or another. For example I only use two fingers of my right hand and four of my left hand- my mom uses only two fingers in total, everyone gets along though. But wouldn't it be nice, once and for all- to learn how to do it 100% right and be able to takes notes in class really fast and not have to really think about it? I think it would, so I have decided that I will start practicing the proper way to do it. I found a programme called Keybr, where I have been practicing. It starts out easy, just using a few basic keys over and over, until you learn the muscle movement without having to think about it. I have been trying it for a few days and it is so good!

I have actually tried learning how to do this many times, but I never sticked to practicing. So now the key is to sit down every day for at least half an hour and try and try and keep on getting better. I really believe I will be able to do it this time! I am getting so annoyed in class when I am sitting there and my fingers are all over the place and I constantly have to correct my typos haha! I think when I have kids, I will make them learn the moment they start using the keyboard, so they don't have to re-learn like I am doing now haha. Wish me luck guys! Oh and if anyone is interested in doing this as well let me know! Once we are pros we can have races in typing online haha! And you can find the tool I am using HERE.