Dinner with the girls // Vietnamese spring rolls

I can't believe it is already Sunday! But it was a good weekend- yesterday I got the whole day of from studying and I was with Rose taking pictures and then Bee came by for dinner. We made Vietnamese spring rolls. Rose and I walked down to an Asian Supermarket, which is close to my apartment and we got a bunch of delicious things to put in them. We also made out own soy sauce and tahini sauce to dip the rolls in. And my all time favorite- ginger chili cucumbers in rice vinegar. The food was soooo good! I think I ate like 10 rolls haha- and we rolled them ourselves at the table. So each roll could have something different in it. I love coriander, so I always stuff as much of that as possible haha. The nice thing about this is that you can put anything you want in the rolls. Yesterday we went for a full on veggie meal, but sometimes it is nice with shrimp or salmon inside. I think Vietnamese spring rolls are a great idea for dinner, not only does it look amazing, but people can customize it to their own taste. So if you are not sure what to make for friends coming over- this is definitely a good option! Well, I am going back to studying now! Enjoy what is left of the weekends guys ❤️