Flights Booked!

I am so excited! I just booked flights to London to visit my best friend Elizabeth. I will be going before Christmas, because the whole city is so beautiful during that time of the year! I mean I looooove christmas, but Christmas in London is even nicer than anywhere else. I guess it is kinda becoming a Christmas tradition- I went last year as well. It is so convenient because Elizabeth moved to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music to study violin, so she is there all the time now- which makes trips to London a lot easier for me, because I don't need to search for someone who can come with me haha. I am of course- a bit nervous about the flight, but that is probably since I haven't been flying much lately, but once get used to it again I won't be scared. I can't wait to go to the christmas markets and do christmas shopping. Last year it was so much fun! I can only imagine that it will be as good this time round!