Sick... again and for real

For about three weeks I haven't been feeling very good! I had a fever on and off and I was really tired. Since my body was also really sore I thought I was just exhausted from school or something, so I would stay in bed for a day or two and then start working again. What a huge mistake. So now it escalated to the point that I have something called "shingles". Pretty much I have a blistery rash covering my neck and my right ear- it itches and hurts :D . I am so annoyed with myself- I should have gone to the doctor sooner!

On Monday I got a weird itch on the back of my neck- I thought it was from a sweater or my scarf. But apparently that is the first symptom that tells you you have shingles. So if you are ever really itchy on a limited part of your skin go to the doctor( if you also have a fever or feel weak). Then on Tuesday I woke up and my neck was really sore- again, I thought I slept in a weird position and that I pulled a muscle. Only on Wednesday morning I started feeling some bumps on my neck and around my ears- that was my lymph nodes swelling up. And then last night I got a rash on my neck- so I decided to call the doctor this morning. And oh boy! Am I happy I did that. Thankfully I caught it in a really early stage, so I have pills which will slow it down- I just need to stay in bed and sleep a lot for the next few days.

So if you ever have symptoms like this- go to the doctor haha! I am happy I finally know why I have been sick for so long! And can't wait to be up and going 100% again soon. Now I just need to stay in bed and drink a lot of tea- my favorite is ginger, mint and lemon and honey! I think I will take a nap now! Have a great day guys❤️