The one minute rule that will change your life

Hey guys!! Since I have been sick for the last week- I really got thinking about different things that could help people be more organised and work better. And I realised that there is actually one rule I follow quite a bit. It is called the one minute rule- and it pretty much means, that everything that you need to do ( if it takes only around one minute to do) you do the moment you think of it. ( excuse all the "dos" in the previous sentence haha). SO- it is pretty simple. But you can be thinking- what tasks can I do in under a minute? Well, you can pay the bills, feed the cats, wipe a stain of the floor, water the plants, take out the trash, reply to emails and texts - i even consider cleaning the dishwasher in this rule ( it takes me about 1:60 to do that- I have been measuring it based on my microwave. I always heat food for about 3 minutes, and I was like- yeah, I can totally clean the dishwasher in that time- and what do you know! It takes less than that! However that could be due to the fact that we have a small kitchen- but you get the idea right).

Anyway I think that this is one of the rules that are really good to follow! Because these little individual tasks, well- they only take a minute of your time. But if you keep procrastinating and don't do them straight away you can end up with having a hours work and you will probably forget half the things you were supposed to do! Another thing I found helps me get more organised is to clean the apartment before I go to bed. And I don't mean vacuum and wipe the floors- but I take all the things from the living room like cups and water glasses or plates and put them into the kitchen, where I put them in the dishwasher- again it only takes a bit over a minute to do this, but in the morning I wake up and the apartment is nice and clean and I get a fresh start!

I wonder if any of you already do this? I think it is a pretty popular strategy for "young adults" because we have so much stuff we need to deal with- we are constantly on our phones and Facebook where anyone can contact us even at unholy hours haha! So in a way we are super busy, but it isn't even our fault! Good luck :))