Halloween at Tivoli

Fall is my favourite time of the year- not only is the weather nice and cool, but everything colors in red and yellow and it feels kinda warm! And of course- it also means that christmas is close! A few days ago I went to Tivoli with Rick, Ida and Tad. It was so nice- I mean I was outside for the first time in 8 days! But also the decorations and the weather was perfect. We went there at 4 and stayed until it got dark so that we could see the decorations in the dark. It was a bit annoying, because there were soooo many people there! It was the autumn holiday for kids and the only day that the weather was nice all week so I guess everyone wanted to go! But still it was nice. I got some churros- my favourite thing in the world!! I need to learn how to make them haha. Ok I am starting to ramble now so I will stop! Have a nice Saturday guys!:)