Estée Lauder Goodies

Some time ago I was taking pictures at the Estée Lauder event to help out @annelinneaholm with pictures. I got a really nice goodie bag with a bunch of things. I really like Estée Lauder- their products are so nice, they feel really good on the skin. My favourite though- is the Bronze Goddess Perfume! It smells so so nice. I normally prefer very sweet subtle perfumes, so this one is a bit different than what I normally wear. It reminds me of summer, warm days- maybe a bit of coconut? Well anyway, it is really nice! I think it would make a perfect gift for christmas for your moms or girlfriends! And it goes for $65, which is not bad at all for perfume! So next time you are at a store- make sure to try this one out! I think you will love it :)