Mexican food to die for!

Today was my friends Nima's birthday! Since we are getting old, we kinda stopped the whole- huge bar party celebration so now we go out for lunch haha. New traditions I guess! So we went to Hija de Sánchez to get some Mexican food. The restaurant is a small place in kødbyen, so it is possible to sit inside- but there are only two tables! And today the weather was so nice so we stayed outside in the sun! We got a lunch menu for 150 DKK. The lunch menu is two tacos, rice and black bean sauce. We also ordered nachos- I feel like with Mexican food nachos are necessary! I love that there are constantly new restaurants opening in kødbyen. I am so lucky I live in such a vibrant area! But yeah this food was so delicious I can really recommend it to anyone! I will definitely be coming back frequently. Maybe for takeout! Because in the winter sitting outside is not very nice haha!