Staying Motivated

Waking up at 6, making class at 8 and staying at school until the evening to read, read, read... and still be behind. Well, that is the reality many students face at the university level. University is a full time job. It is stressful, exhausting and tiring! As if all the studying wasn't enough- we are also expected to get jobs, because once you go for job interviews everyone expects that you have already worked and have loads of experience. And even though all of it is tough as hell, we all do it and in some miraculous way we succeed!

For me personally the most important thing that helps me get through all this is being motivated. I find motivation so important, because it gives me the will to go through enormous amounts of stress and drama with a smile on my face! So where do I find motivation? I have a few techniques that help me and I will try to formulate them so they make the most sense haha.

1) Studying with a friend

Not many people are capable of sitting at home by themselves and reading. Most people end up cooking, cleaning, watching series or any other activity that "home" offers. What I find helps me push through long hours of studying is being with someone who is doing the same. Because then you can motivate each other- I mean no one wants to seem like a quitter and stop reading first right? Or just go to the school library where you have another couple hundred people doing the same. It always helps being surrounded with other students!

2) Find what inspires you

When you are at school, there will always be things you love and things you hate. The same as at work- some tasks are fun, others suck! But we have to do all of it. So what you have to do is find that one class that really drives you forward and give it 100%. And try keeping in mind how interesting it is and think of the feeling you have when you are reading something intriguing. I guess it is a little hard to fully explain what I mean about this. But I have one class, that I love and I find it so amazing- and whenever I am studying something else and feel helpless I think about that class and it immediately makes me motivated to learn more.

3) Think of studying as learning

As I mentioned in the previous posts, the amount of texts we have to read is insane. And sometimes I just get annoyed that I have to read and get annoyed at what I am reading because I don't think it is interesting. Then I get tired of reading and the words just start passing by without me even realizing what I am looking at. So I try to think of school texts as newspaper articles. Imagine that you pick up a magazine or newspaper and you are reading through- for example something like the economist or New York Times, even though you are not particularly interested in some of the things that are written there, you still want to read it so you know what is going on in the world. So I think of the texts as newspaper articles, that I am reading to get new information in stead of feeling like it is something I need to get through. It is so important to realize that all the readings give us new information and that by reading and understanding what is written there we become smarter!

4) Watch better series

There are many good series out there. For me, series like Suits or House of Cards make me want to study! I don't know why! Maybe because there is a bunch of successful people in there and I want to be like them? Or because I want to understand all the political, economic and financial concepts they are talking about? Either way, watching "smart" series motivates me to do better. And I am sure that I am not the only one who feels that way!

I hope that at least some of these points will help! I know that everyone is different and has unique ways of keeping motivated so feel free to let me know how you do it!