Afternoon Tea at Nimb

I totally forgot I had these pictures! They are from Bee's birthday celebration. A few of the girls met up and we went to Nimb in Tivoli for afternoon tea and cake! I have never been to this place before so I was amazed by how beautiful it was! A very proper British vibe haha! I got a latte and a Tivoli cake- so cute and delicious!

I have been very boring the past week- thus no interesting things to write about. I really need to do something about my life! I am either at home or at school so I need to do more things now! Getting so annoyed with life. So tomorrow Tad and I will go to the Blue Planet and get lunch, look at some fish! The usual Sunday plans haha! I will be going to London soon tho! Excited about that! Now I will enjoy a nice Saturday at home- doing laundry! Talk soon!