A day outside

Hey guys! Sorry for not writing much lately, we had some issues with Toastie and I got some bad news from home so didn't really feel like doing much the past days... But today finally I left the apartment and had an awesome day outside. Bee and her boyfriend Michal got keys to their new apartment this week so they asked Tad and me to help them out with moving. However moving turned into cleaning so we went to the apartment today to check it out and see what needed to be done. Before going Tad and I got a coffee at Starbucks- they have the gingerbread latte again so I had to have it! And the christmas cups are so cute! Makes me feel very festive haha. We also got some blueberry cake-unfortunetely we didn't eat it haha. Then we took the train to meet Bee at her apartment. They got an amazing place in Ørestad, right by the nature reserve and a small lake. I love the area so much! I found really cool semi-detached houses not far from there ( maybe one day I will also live there /wishful thinking). So we spent a few hours washing all the closets, the kitchen and the bathroom. Next week B and Michal will move in so I am so excited to see the apartment once it is all done. I am really happy I got out of the apartment! I need to start doing more things again haha. I will go to bed soon! So goodnight and talk soon :)

P.S. I just got a new camera from Fuji Film- I am testing it out and I will write a bit about it soon- so far it is working great!