Flowers and grey autumn weather

Hey guys! Today I totally messed up- I went to school only to realise that I was at the wrong campus so I didn't have time to make class... I feel really bad about it! I am used to attending 95% of classes- so not going to class is weird! I mean no-one cares if we are not at class, but it feels like skipping class in high school or something! Feeling guilty about not being there haha. But thankfully Bee lives really close to the campus that I came to, so I called her up and we went t get lunch at school and then we went to Torvehallerne. I really wanted to get some nice Autumn/Christmas flowers and I found this bouquet, which was AMAZING- but it was tiny and cost 150DKK! So I decided to make my own one at home and got a bunch of different blue/grey/beige/purple flowers. I ended up spending 320DKK, which is probably the most I ever spend on flowers in my life, but I now have 3 bouquets, and two flowers hanging on the wall- this makes it worth every penny! Afterwards Bee and I went to my place and now she is on my sofa working, while I was making the flower arrangements and taking pictures. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do!:)