A bit of the countryside in Copenhagen

Hey guys!! I am finally home- it was a long but fun day working on Bee's and Michal's apartment. We managed to wash all the walls and one room is already painted, but I will be going back tomorrow to help out again! During the afternoon I went for a walk in Ørestad. There is a natural reserve right by the apartment where I was today so I wanted to check it out and collect some props for taking pictures. The nature there is so beautiful! It is hard to believe it is so close to the city! It was so nice because there were so many families going for walks, people running, taking their dogs on walks- really cozy! I am so excited to visit that place in the summer, when it is warm- today it was freezing so I was only outside for maybe 40min and still my mouth was frozen haha. But it was nice to be outside! And the sunset was perfect. I finally know where the sun sets in Copenhagen. Living in the city centre is nice, but I never see a pretty sun from my apartment. I hope you guys like the pictures :)! By the way- the little lake was half frozen! It is really getting super cold now!