Outfit Inspiration // Rose's Elle look

Hola! Good morning everyone! Today I am having an early start. The plan is as follows- shower, put on some clothes, go to the central station, take a train to Ørestad, help Bee and Michal wash the walls in their new apartment, paint the walls, go for a walk in Vestamager, go home and sleep! Sounds fun right? I am very excited because not only is this the third consecutive day that I am writing a post, it is also the third day that I am spending doing fun things and not staying on the couch or bed in my apartment. It feels really good to have a plan and something to look forward to :). I am going to the doctor's on Monday to once and for all find out what the hell is wrong with me lately ( lack of energy, tiredness- I also fainted once!!) so I hope I will get some answers soon. It is a bit annoying not feeling like yourself and being tired all the time- not only for me but also for the people who are around me constantly. But I realised I can't do much about it until then so I am trying to keep as active as possible and enjoy life.

The pictures here are from yesterday, when I met up with Rose at the Matcha bar. We took some outfit pictures and a yoga-clothes pictures. Very productive haha. I thought I would share the outfit with you guys, since Rose it always so stylish! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do :))

Martina Zemanova2 Comments