My new INSTAX camera

I love my DSLR camera, I really do! But there are some things, that it just can't do. For example? Give me the pictures I take straight away haha. The instantaneity of the instax is one of the reasons I love it. Within a minute, the picture I took is emerged on a piece of photo paper. I really enjoy the surprise as well- sometimes I mess up the picture completely and sometimes it comes out and looks perfect. Either way, it is a lot of fun. I have been testing this little fella for a few days now. It has a lot of functions to play around with, allowing you to get many different outcomes. Tad and I took some pictures of Toastie and Minii the first day we got it and they are so cute! The cats were a bit freaked out by it- maybe it was the flash haha. But I need to say, with christmas coming and all that, I can really recommend the instax cameras as christmas gifts. I mean, we all have smartphones with cameras, but since you get the pictures off the Instax straight away, it really is a crowd pleaser! I will definitely bring it along to parties and events with me, because the pictures are completely different than what you have off a normal camera. I guess you could call it retro!

Tad and I got an old polaroid camera as well, but it is a lot bigger and it is not possible to set modes on it, so there is less room to manoeuvre. 

The INSTAX one that I got is one of the highest performing cameras from instax, so it is possible to set the light, exposure and what not. But for someone who does not know much about how to use these feautures it works just as fine. I am really happy that there is a macro mode, because I can take close-ups. If any of you have questions about this let me know :) maybe I can be of some help!