Sunday: Flowers, Cake and Coffee

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed a nice weekend! I wish that weekends were longer- there is not enough time for everything. On one hand weekends are supposed to be for relaxing, but I mean honestly- no grown up person believes that! For us, weekends are for catching up on work or readings. And even though we know that we have the days off, we still feel like that we are doing something wrong when we actually rest!

But not this weekend! I took the time off and did things that I like and enjoy. And it worked out pretty well :). The pictures I am sharing today are ones I took on Friday. For the first time I actually took a lot of time to make a still-life setting and I am so so happy about how they turned out. I will have to do this more often! I really like the colour of the pictures- the flowers set a really nice autumn cozy mood! I took the pictures on my window, there is a space about 1,2m x 60cm- so not very big, but in the winter it is all I get, because that is where there is good light. Being a photographer in Scandinavia in the winter months is tough! There are only about 2-3 hours of workable light. And if someone has a full time job, well then they don't really see sunlight for a few months haha. I hope you guys like the pictures, as I said- I am so happy about them :)

P.S. The products that I styled are from Eva Solo:)