Our Living room

Hey guys! I wanted to share some pictures from our apartment. I live with my boyfriend Tad and our roommate Djanour- he is a friend from school. We live in an apartment, that I got when I moved to Copenhagen, so it has been over 3 years. In those 3 years we have had 7 different people living with us! How crazy is that haha. There have also been a lot of different changes with furniture, painting, moving... But now finally I have started to work on making some changes, that will be permanent. We got some new chairs and we are planing on getting more new things haha. Some of the things we have- like the couch is more practical, than fashionable :D! Since my family and friends come to visit often we needed a couch that is big and folds into a bed, so the couch is really 70% of the living-room haha. I still love the space :). The apartment is very white, but we have a lot of blue, grey and green details and I really like that, because I am not really into bright colours like yellow! Hope you guys like it :)