Photography Tuesday #1 - My gear

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a good week so far :) I decided to start doing photography posts. I get a lot of questions about what camera I use, how I take pictures etc.. So I though that I would make a post a week always focusing on a different aspect of photography.

So a little introduction about myself- I started learning about photography in February 2015, so I am also very new to all this! I was first taking pictures of Simone with my old camera- Nikon D90 and a set lens 18-105mm/ f3,5-5,6. And let me say, in the beginning it was pretty bad- i had no idea what I was doing, and getting a nice picture was always a surprise, but within a few weeks of non-stop practice I kinda got a hold of it. But I really want to emphasise the fact that I NEVER took any photography course and am in no way a professional, as I am constantly learning, so if I write something that you don't agree with or know better, I am sorry! I will be writing from my own experience and I just hope it will help some of you guys out!

My camera Body

Now I work with the Nikon D5500, it is not a full frame camera. This means that my camera has a crop factor, but it is not something to worry about too much when you are buying a camera. But I can explain it in the future weeks, once you have more information so you properly understand it.

The Nikon D5500 is practical in many ways. One aspect that I really enjoy is the fact that it is not heavy, and trust me, if you are walking around all day with gear, a light camera is always a plus! Another thing is that considering how small it is, it takes great pictures. The settings on it enable you to take pictures in dim light ( it has good ISO). So far I haven't come across any limitations to the camera body itself. But then again, I only really take pictures of outfits and food, so the settings I use are pretty basic. I think that for example taking pictures in nature or the starts and Northern lights would need a better camera- but again, I don't know as I have never tried it :)

Normally photographers say, that the body is not as important as the lenses you use. This is because the body of the camera defines things like how large the image is etc. But the lens is usually the thing that lets you manoeuvre and play around with the way the picture looks. This means that the body has some stable settings and based on what lens you put on it, you enable certain things. I am not sure if this is clear, but for example the lens will define what aperture you have, the aperture is the blurriness of pictures, but again- I will explain in more detail in future posts.

My Lenses

If you are a beginner to photography and do not have much info about lenses, you probably only have a set lens. A set lens is the one that comes with the camera- usually something like 18-55mm or 18-105mm/ f3,5-5,6. The Nikon D5500 that I got came with a 18-55mm/f3,5-5,6. And I also got myself a 35mm/1,8 and a 50mm/1,8. Below I will explain what I use the different lenses for. Just so you know, the (xx)mm will define the field of view - the smaller the number the wider view you get with the camera. And the f(xx) is the aperture of the lens and controls how much light goes into the photo and also it makes the nice effect of having a blurry background. The lower the aperture, the more light goes into the camera and the more blurry the background is.

18-55mm/ f3,5-5,6

As I wrote before, this is a set lens. It is also a lens, that changes the field of view- meaning that you can zoom in with it. I normally use this lens when I travel, because when I am walking around the city, I usually want wide-angle photos so that as much as possible is in them and I want the option to zoom- whenever I want to take a detailed picture I don't need to change my lenses. But to be fair, I don't really use this lens on a daily basis!

35mm/ f1,8

This was the first lens I bought. I needed something to take pictures of outfits, and this one is a pretty good option. It allows me to take a full-body photo, while not having to stand too far from the person I am taking the picture of. Also it has a low aperture, so the background is nice and blurry. I also use this lens to get a picture of a table from top.

50mm/ f1,8

I use this lens to take pictures of details, since it has a smaller field of view, it allows me to get nice detail pictures, without being 5cm away from the object. So this lens is really good for taking very detailed photos of food or accessories.

Now you guys know what I use to take photos, next time I will talk a bit about the camera settings and the aperture. I will explain how I set my camera in certain situations. I hope this helped a little bit! And if you have any further questions write me a comment :)