Autumn Tea Break

Good morning everyone!! The cold in Copenhagen is slowly creeping up on my, and until the Christmas markets open I am hiding in my apartment with a cup of tea. Or actually more like litres and litres of tea haha. I recently found out that I really enjoy taking pictures of still life. And I started doing it properly now, so that I take the time to prepare things for it, get some nice flowers, or collect grass outside. I am using it as a creative outlet. Winter is a sad time for photographers, especially in Scandinavia because it is dark all the time, so it is hard to plan outfit shoots if people work 8-5. I am done with classes this week, so I will have a lot more time at home and setting up pretty scenarios like this one will definitely be something I want to do more often. Being a stylist must be so much fun- working with pretty things all the time. I would love it! I hope you enjoy the pictures.