In my apartment

Here is another update from my living room. We are slowly finishing off the apartment decoration- but it is not done yet :/. Hopefully in 2017 we will be done. I took some picture of the dinning area today. The cats decided to crash my pictures and started to fight haha. But anyway, the chairs are from Ilva and the paintings are from Studio Esinam. I like minimalistic interior, but also I want it to be a little cosy, so I am constantly trying to find a balance between the two. In a way I kinda miss having more space to work with, my parent's house, where I grew up, is really big and there is a dinning room with a table, but also a table in the kitchen, so more opportunities to style the space! I hope one day I will have a bigger house as well, where I will decorate the sh*t out of it haha. But for now, I need to work with what I have. Enjoy the pics :)