November So Far

I get so excited before Christmas, and not like December excited, but already September excited haha. But I don't tell anyone because then they think I am weird! But November, well- that is a month where I can finally start letting go and really embrace the fact that Christmas is coming. This year November has been quite eventful. I helped Bee with her apartment, took a lot of nice pictures, went to the city a lot... and it is only half way done! On the agenda for the rest of the month I have an exam, my cousins coming to visit, London, and a lot of other fun events. 

One really nice thing about "winter" months is that the cats are super cuddly. They want so much attention, and naturally I am 100% willing to give it to them haha. Toastie goes outside every day, so now his paws are wet and dirty and I need to wash them and he HATES it! He just cries and tries to run away the whole time I am doing it. So that is the only down side to all of this cold and rainy weather. But hey, Christmas is around the corner and that is all that matters.