SugarBear Hair Event // Nimb Copenhagen

I had the MOST AMAZING brunch today. I attended an event for Sugarbear Hair- an amazingly delicious little gummy bear, that does wonders to your hair. A few days ago when I was visiting ImpressionPR Christina introduced me to the product. It is perfect because I am growing my hair out, so this will help me achieve my dream length. The bear is a vitamin, which you take two times a day and it helps growth and strength of the hair. Besides that it is also delicious. I have some to test at home, so when I have tried it for some time I will tell you guys how it works! But I am sure it is perfect and effective, because one of their ambassadors are the Kardashians- and we all know how amazing their hair is right? So I super excited to use it and see the results.

The bruch was held at Nimb, a restaurant / cafe right by Tivoli. At the very end there is a private room with a beautiful view and tons of sunlight. And the food- oh my god! There were oysters, champagne, all the brunch usuals, so much fruit! I can't see how I can ever eat breakfast without thinking about that food haha. I ate way too much!