Getting my blood taken today a.k.a. I NEED A DONUT

Good morning! Or actually, not so good... Today I am going to the doctor's to get my blood taken and tested to see if something is wrong with me haha. I have been sick for a few months, really tired, low energy, sometimes I get a fever- it is strange! I mean being 23 and feeling like 80 is not good! So I am really happy that I finally found a time to go to the doctor, only problem? I hate, hate, HATE getting my blood taken. For some reason it totally freaks me out and afterwards I feel like someone took a part of me. And I get really nauseous and it is soooo uncomfortable. So the plan is to go and get something nice for breakfast. Probably something with chocolate so that it gives me energy. Uuuugh I don't wanna do it!!!! But I have to...

I am excited about the rest of the day though. My cousins are coming in a few hours for a visit! They will spend the weekend at mine and we will travel around Denmark. I can't wait! So at least there is something to look forward to. My cousin wants to rent a car so we don't need to wait for trains and it is easier to get around. What she said was that Saturday we go South and Sunday we go North! I am actually so bad, I haven't seen much of Denmark since I moved here! I haven't really left Copenhagen. So now is my time of redemption and I will explore this amazing country :). But now, I need to get my arm injected with a needle haha. Wish me luck!

P.S. the table cloth is from LinenMe <3