Rainy Copenhagen Day

Hey guys! Today my cousins came and we went for a walk in Copenhagen. Of course, in the morning we spent some time together at my apartment so that I would get over my blood test this morning, but it wasn't too bad and I felt good enough to leave the apartment so we went out at around 11! We walked through the city centre and I went to Photographica to try out some cameras and lenses- I am so excited to buy new gear next year :). Then we also went to street food and some shops, walked to the Marble Church and Amelienborg, Torvehallerne and then walked back to mine around the lakes. We ended up walking like 15k, which was a bit more than we planed, but it was really nice. We also stopped by at Original coffee for some hot brew and pretty views. Unfortunately it was not the best weather, it rained for a bit and it was kinda cold and windy- but we managed! Now we are at home, watching Harry Potter ans Sushi is arriving soon. We are planing a cozy evening at home and tomorrow we are off to explore the beauties of Denmark. We rented a car, because it will be easier to get around, so I am really excited about that. Oh and also, the Christmas market is finally open! So we had a bratwurst and churros there today- OMG so good, have been waiting all year for it hahaha! Tomorrow I will share some pictures from the trip! Have a lovely weekend everyone :)