Having animals in small apartments // What to consider

When I moved to Copenhagen, I knew that I was finally responsible for myself and that the no-larger-than-hamster pet rule created by my parents was gone. I planed on getting an animal the moment I moved in, but it was not possible right away, but finally, 1 year and 2 months later we got a cute little kitten- Toastie. He was amazing, both Tad and I fell in love with him so quickly. But he fell in love with us quickly as well- unfortunately. Let me explain the "unfortunately" part. Apparently it sometimes happens that cats get really tight bonds with their owners- this was the case with Toastie, he had to be by our side all the time and did not handle it well (peeing everywhere and making a mess) when we left for a few days to travel. At one point, Tad and I were considering giving him to my parents in the Czech Republic because it got so bad. Mom and dad have a big house and huge garden, where he could play. So we evaluated all our options, spoke to the vet and in stead of giving him away, we decided to get Toastie a little friend and hope that he gets better- That is how we got Minii, I was searching for cats online and stumbled across this cute kitten, that didn't have a tails and immediately knew she was the one. We were told it is better to get a female when you have an older male cat. Thankfully Toastie loved her and stopped being so attached to us and now they keep each other company and all is well.

We have had Toastie for two years and Minii for one year. I love the cats to death, they are so sweet and both have unique personalities. But sometimes it is hard having them in the apartment. Toastie loves going outside so we have to let him go into the garden in the courtyard, otherwise he pees on the sheets and our shoes! Minii loves attention and sometimes will wake us up in the middle of the night by meowing like crazy. But still, I love them and am so happy I have them now. However I decided to list a few things people should consider before they commit to haviing an animal in a small space. Our apartment is around 60 m2.

1. You clothes will never be clean again

Wash all you like, even throw it in the dryer- cat hair, which will inevitably end up on your clothes will stay there forever. I think this is a huge problem for some people. But it is something that can not be changed. I learned that when I come home I IMMEDIATELY take of my "outside clothes" and change into something that I wear at home. So this is definitely a big big issue when you get an animal!

2. You need to clean the cat's bathroom EVERY DAY

Another thing I did not realise before getting cats. They need to use the litter box and it has to be clean, because if it isn't? Well they will use the bed in stead. I am actually not joking, the amount of times the cats used the sheets to pee on them because they did not want to go into the litter box is ridiculous. But the thing is, once you commit to having a cat and you forget to clean their bathroom- well, it is only your problem that they pee somewhere else! This leads me to my next point...

3. Cats will pee anywhere

Not always, actually not very often, but when it does happen, it is so annoying! And you need to wash everything. So get ready that once in a while the cat will for some reason choose not to go to the litter box but rather pee on your shoes or jacket. And oh my- if you leave a plastic bag on the floor? Within minutes it would have been peed on.

4. You will occasionally get woken up

Sometimes rather than often, the cats want something at random times like 2-5 am and they will meow until you wake up. I know people shouldn't compare their pets to children, because they are completely different, but sometimes I actually feel like I am taking care of babies haha. If you are someone who needs to sleep very well all the time, don't get pets... My cats constantly lie on my legs or walk over me when I am asleep, they wake me up to cuddle- and even though it sounds cute, at 3 am I don't give a rats as* about cuddling haha.

5. Things get broken

If you leave something on the edge of a table, you can be pretty sure it will not be there in the morning. All o those funny youtube videos of evil cats? True story. Especially having two cats, who play and fight, the mess they make is sometimes extreme. A few months ago I got a new vase from Kähler design and put it on my coffee table. The next morning it was on the floor broken. Sometimes the cats get too excited and run an jump too fast and break things. Another one you don't want to forget is that if you leave a glass of water anywhere in the apartment, leaving it alone ( even for a minute) means that someone would have stuck their paw in and drank from it. I had to learn the hard way- I took my water, wanted to take a sip and smelled cat food... Hmmm what could be the cause of that...

But hey, cats are cute and worth the trouble- for some. I hate it when people get animals and in a few weeks decide it is not for them and put them into a shelter. So I am warning you with some of the very possible things that will happen if you have a cat. Trust me, if you can't handle what I wrote here- do not get an animal! At the end of the day, they are acting the best they know and it is not their problem that humans don't like it right? But again, they are so cute.... And will give you unbelievable amounts of love in return for your kindness and care :)