Møns Klint // An amazing day outside

Hey guys! We are finally home and had some bolognese for dinner. My cousins are leaving to go back to Prague soon so we are just sitting, chilling and talking. We drove down to Møns Klint today to see the white cliffs and the beautiful beach there. It was actually so nice! It took about 2 hours to drive there from Copenhagen, so pretty ok. There are a few different views that you can walk up to. And then walking down the stairs to the beach is actually horrible! the way down is ok, but the way up. Oh my Good!!! My legs will be so sore tomorrow haha. But totally worth it! I think it is a nice place to go for a day trip, if you have a car though. Taking public transport down there is too long and not worth it!

Since it was freezing outside we made some tea to keep warm and also packed some sandwiches. It ended up being a life-saver because that part of Denmark, where Møns Klint is located was completely dead- we didn't find a single restaurant or cafe, that would be open. I want to definitely go back in the summer, maybe get a little house there for a few days, the area is so so so beautiful! But I can imagine that there will be so many people there, when the weather is warm. Hope you enjoy the pictures :)