Recipe// Healthy Crispy Chicken with Salad


For Chicken:

chicken strips, or you can buy a chicken breast and cut it up into thin slices, crisp bread, eggs, oil for frying, milk, salt, peper, soy sauce, lemon( for the marinade), sweet chili sauce

For the salad:

baby spinach, red pepers, bacon ( small pieces), olive oil, vinegar, salt and peper

Step 1:

Marinade the chicken. For this I use soy sauce, salt and pepper with some lemon. It is important to do this a few hours before you start making the food to ensure that the chicken has a really yummy taste. Sometimes I even leave the chicken marinaded over night. I put the chicken into a zip-lock bag- I found it is the easiest way to marinade it.

Step 2:

Make the salad. I honestly love the taste of this salad, even though it isn't the healthiest recipe out there I LOVE IT! What I do first is that I fry the bacon until it is really crispy and then let if cool off. Meanwhile I cup up the onion and mix it with the baby spinach. I never mix all the stuff together until I am serving, because the salad can get a little soggy if the bacon is still warm and also the dressing makes it a little disgusting if it is on the salad for too long. So I pre- prepare it and then when I serve it I mix the salad and onion with bacon and then add dressing on top. Always remember to de-oil the bacon( I just put it on napkins).

Step 3:

Crush crispy bread. So once you have all the cold stuff prepared you need to crush the crispy bread into small pieces. I prefer to have the bread crushed really finely, so that there aren't many big pieces of it on the chicken. With big pieces they also easily fall off then you fry the chicken in the pan.


Wrap chicken in bread. To do this you will need a bowl with eggs and milk. I also add salt and pepper into the mix. You can scramble the eggs and peper and then dip the chicken in. Once it is covered you can put it into the bread crumbs and make sure every last piece of the chicken had some bread crumbs on it.


Frying the chicken. This part is a little tricky. If you don't use any oil it takes a long time for the chicken to get done, so I usually put oil in the pan. Heat it up to max. It only takes a few minutes to be ready, since the chicken is so thin. Sometimes when I feel really healthy I barely use any oil and fry the chicken until the crumbs are brow and then I put it in the oven for a few minutes to be 100% the chicken is done all the way through. Thanks to the lemon in the marinade the chicken is really tender and soft, so even if you over cook it a little it doesn't dry out which is nice. Also when you are frying the chicken, sometimes crumbs of the bread fall off, I eat them - they are really yummy haha. Oh and make sure to de-grease the chicken before you eat it!

Step 6:

Serving. As I mentioned previously it is best to keep the salad separate until the very last minute. Then you can mix it all up and serve with the crispy chicken. I love dipping the chicken into sweet chili sauce, but I guess that really depends on everyone individually if they like it or not. So if you want to use some dip for the chicken then have a little bowl next to the plate so that the sauce doesn't get on everything. This recipe is so easy, it only takes a few minutes to make ( if you have the chicken marinaded beforehand). I had one period this year where I ate this almost every day. Of course I mixed it up a little, so I wouldn't eat the bacon salad all the time haha. But I have also served this food to many of my friends and it is always a huge success so I can totally encourage you to try it out at least once!