Vote at your university- IT IS IMPORTANT!

Hey guys! Today I have a special treat for you haha! My two very clever and active friends from UNI made a little post about voting at universities and how important it is to participate in this. Voting is in general very important. And the number of people actually voting is not high enough! So I can not stress how important it is to actually start voting 1) when you turn 18 in national elections and 2) at your university.

So a bit more information about this. University voting is quite normal in some countries. For us in Denmark it is pretty standard, but I am not sure if the same is happening in the Czech Republic. I guess it is quite individual, but I hope most of you will find this relevant and informative! For some people it can seem like not very important, but students can change a lot! The bachelor programme I was doing was changing every year based on student's feedback! So it is really important to vote!

This week is Election Week at Copenhagen Business School and it will be an exciting week with fun events and activities. My two friends, Ditte and Jeppe are running for positions. Ditte is running for the position on the Board of Directors while Jeppe is running for the Academic Board. They’ve compiled a little introduction to why Student Politics matter and why you should vote. This post is written about CBS, as it is the place all of us are studying and know a quite a bit about how it works. And here is a picture of these two awesome guys!

All full time students at CBS are able (and urged!) to go to to vote between the 21st and the 25th of November 2016.

Student Politics is vital because it is what determines our voice. But why vote?

  • To select the candidates you think will represent your voice the best - make sure to read the agendas of the different candidates!
  • To have a say in what decisions your university makes - it may come as a surprise, but you really do get a lot of pull with the University!
  • Increase voter participation. RUC currently holds the record of over 35%
  • Gain access to cool events during the election week - I mean a good party is always a plus right?

What can I vote for at CBS?

As students we can vote for three different units.

  • Study Board Representatives (often 3, but varies depending on study programme)
    • Most study boards have 3 spots for student representatives.
    • These representatives are students at the same study programme as you
    • Student representatives sit together with members of faculty and administrative staff on the study board and discuss everything that has to do with the individual programmes. This includes: credit transfers, exams and evaluations. These are really important topics so it is important that you vote for someone that you feel can represent you and your study programme’s interest in the best possible way.
    • Academic Council Members
      • There are three spots for student representatives on the Academic Board. The academic board deals with all academic issues, across the different study programs.
      • CBS’ Board of Directors.
        • Every year, one student is elected for the board for a duration of 2 years
        • CBS Board of Directors is the highest entity at CBS and is comprised of 11 members. 6 external members, 2 academic members, 1 administrative official and 2 students.

Every student at CBS can vote for Board of Directors and Academic Council, but the representatives you can vote for Study Board are dependent on your study programme.

Have your say! Place your vote today!