Getting in the Christmas Spirit

OK! I can not hold it off any longer. I am officially going Christmas crazy this week. First thing, watching Love Actually- check. I am so proud of myself for holding it off so long! You know, Love Actually is my very most absolutely favourite film, and I restrained myself to ONLY watch it in the month before Christmas. Yes, perhaps I will watch is 15 times, but hey- I try! Next I need to decorate the apartment with all the christmas things I have. I have a looooot haha. Yes you can say it I am a freak, but Christmas is so nice and cozy. Some people look forward to summer- I look forward to Christmas. This year it will be a bit sad because I got some bad news from my family, but I think that we can pull through and make it as great as every year! The next step to get into the Christmas spirit is going to London. I think by now it is a tradition that I go visit my best friend Elizabeth, who studies there. So I am going to London on Saturday and I am very excited as @byrosemaria has decided to join us for 2 days so we have some plans to go to Christmas markets together and then a really cozy dinner! So all is well, or will be! :) Have an amazing day!!!

P.S. The gingerbread is hand made- yes for real, by my mom's friend. I got a bunch of them to give to my friends after graduation, because it is a Czech tradition to get these at fairs and give them to people. So i thought it would be nice to give them to some of my friends. And of course for Christmas these are super popular. I can't believe they are hand made haha. Insane concentraition and precision has to go in the making of them!

Photo info: I took the pictures last week, I put some christmas lights in the back to make the nice sprinkle effect and used aperture of about 2,0- 2,5 . Also the light was quite low so the camera was set to ISO 3200 and shutter speed 1/200.