Outfit Inspiration // Jennifer's Copenhagen Look

Ever since I joined NOUW I met so many cool new people! One of them is @jennifergeertsen whom I met at the NOUW brunch before summer. She is the nicest person in the world- I just wish she didn't live so far away. Unfortunately Jennifer lives like 4 hours aways from Copnehagen so I don't really see her very often. But last week we met up when she was visiting CPH to attend a few events and PR agencies and we also took these pictures. I love her outfit! Especially the coat and flared sleeves! I was kinda surprised how well the pictures turned out, even though it was really dark outside! Normally I have trouble getting pictures sharp when there isn't enough light! Hope you like the outfit and head over to@jennifergeertsen <3

P.S. Just arrived at my friend Elizabeth' s place... It has been a long day, the flight was delayed and so much other shi*t :D!

Martina Zemanova6 Comments