Eataly- Meet the Chef

Hey guys! On Wednesday Tad and I were invited to Eataly for dinner. Eataly is an amazing Italian store and food court at the bottom of Illum in Copenhagen. They sell everything from olive oil, to wine, to fresh vegetables, fresh pasta and cheese. You can honestly find anything there! Sometimes Tad and I go there to buy stuff if we are making Italian food. But the cool thing they offer, which I did not know about until I got invited there for dinner, are the various tastings of wine and food, cooking classes to make real Italian dishes and deserts- and most importantly once a month you can go there for an event called "Meet the Chef". The event is worth 800DKK, which is quite expensive, but it totally lives up to this! I mean for food lovers it is definitely worth the money.

The dinner starts at 20:30, which to be honest is late for dinner, so you need to plan your day accordingly. But I get why it is so late. It is because the event is located in the middle of the huge space in Illum, after the department store is closed. The atmosphere is really intimate and you won't feel like you are sitting in the middle of a shopping mall haha. There were probably 25-30 people sitting at a huuuuge table, which is thousands of years old and really beautiful.

The dinner consisted of 4 courses paired with 4 wines. In the beginning we got delicious drinks and mingled with the chefs and other attendees. From what I understood, this dinner is always centred around one Italian product. In our case it was olive oil. Even the desert was based on Olive oil- we got olive oil ice-cream! And it was delicious!! Also the chefs were amazing and we got to discuss the food with them after the meals were done. One of the chefs was the sous chef from 108 ( the new restaurant, which is derived from NOMA) and the other one was a Eataly chef, who also worked at 108. So needless to say- the food was michelin star worthy ( or at least I that is my opinion).

You can check the offers HERE . They have so many cool things to do at Eataly! And the Meet the Chef dinner is definitely the coolest one! I can imagine it being a great gift for your friends or family, because it is not only great food that you get but also a great experience!