MadenItaly Pizza Class

Today was great! My brother is visiting me this week so we have been doing fun things ( or trying to haha). But today, thanks to my friend Eva from MadenItaly , we got to go to a pizza-making class. I was just taking pictures but Tad and my brother Jan were participating and it was so cool! I actually got to try some things as well, but I was mainly capturing this great event. Seriously- not only did we get to make everything for the pizza, we also learned how to make vegetables and could do whatever topping we wanted on the pizza! And there was a lot of prossecco and food haha! SO MUCH FUN! Now we have a lot of pizza dough at home so we will make pizza for lunch tomorrow! If anyone needs more information about this let me know :). Have a lovely weekend!

This event was hosted by Guide Catch. You can download their app on their website for both Android and IOS:)