Skin Scan at Shjé

Yesterday I went to Shjé to get a skin scan- a sort of xray for all the layers of the skin to figure out what products I should be using and what my skin is like. Funny enough I don't really use any products like creams, because I have really sensitive skin and react badly to having foreign objects on my skin haha. So needless to say I expected my skin would be super unhealthy and I would get very bad results... And actually the complete opposite happened. All the test turned out really good and apparently my skin is healthy- accept for the fact that it is dehydrated! So I got some night creams, which are very liquid and they don't stick on my face, so for now so good! I will be going back again and I wonder if my hydration levels will improve!:) And a very nice surprise was that @annelinneaholm was there as well, so it was really nice catching up!