Some time ago Tad and I were invited to check out the new restaurant by Eataly : MOSTO COPENHAGEN. The restaurant is located in the city centre on a side street by Illum, and you can actually walk through Eataly to get there. So it is very convenient for occasions when you are planing on going out to the city but want to grab some food and nice wine beforehand. 

Mosto serves a variety of Italian tapas-like dishes as well as pasta. Actually, everything you eat there, you can buy at Eataly! So it is also a place to get new recipes! I am a big can of their mortadella- so I encourage you to try that! 

The restaurant itself has a very elegant interior, decorated in deep emerald green and wine bottles! Oh and they have marble tables- can it get more photogenic than this haha? Tad and I were lucky enough to cath a table in the corner and that was really cozy! Even though the place was full of people there was still a very nice atmosphere. 

So, if you every feel like some delicious Italian tapas and great wine you can find Mosto here.

Martina ZemanovaComment